THe top traits of successful mobile app for real estate agents

THe top traits of successful mobile app for real estate agents

A good real estate agent is a salesperson, an analyst, a marketer, a consultant, a businessman at the same time. To increase productivity and enhance real estate business, such a person should be equipped with the right tools. Nowadays these tools are mostly digital. They reduce costs, improve the agent’s agility and flexibility and thus result in a better profit.

So what makes a mobile app an…

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Payment Technologies of the Future

Payment Technologies of the Future

Twenty years ago the fact that people would be able to use computers to pay for something seemed fabulous and unbelievable. Ten years ago we would hardly believe that we would use a mobile phone to buy something. Now we are no more surprised by the fact that such gadgets as a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop can become an electronic wallet that we can use to pay for something we want to possess.

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Software development company and digital agency alliance

Software development company and digital agency alliance

Elinext takes pride in its successful cooperation with Bitsens and is eager to conquer new heights and new horizons

Being one of the most effective and professional software development companies on the world stage, Elinext Group has a powerful guard of professional software developers capable not only of creating complex software systems but also of fulfilling multipronged tasks on time.…

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How to turn your website into the best salesman?

How to turn your website into the best salesman?


At present it’s hard to imagine any credible company without its own website. Neglecting such a great opportunity to move your goods or services online would be a huge omission. That’s why a great demand for really well-built and well-designed websites arises. And whether you already have a website or you are working on it yet, you expect it to work as a sales tool and a converter of visitors…

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Mobile application phenomenon named Flappy Bird

Mobile application phenomenon named Flappy Bird

The Flappy Bird’s sudden phenomenal success is somewhat of a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Its story is indeed full of riddles and contradictions that are hard to explain or believe. It had a sudden meteoric rise and a sudden fall. Some users love the game while others hate it; however all confess that the app is extremely addictive.

Nothing similar has ever happened in the mobile market. An…

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What make a good mobile game?

What make a good mobile game?

Today, the development of mobile is accelerated quickly and rapidly. New devices are built and introduced continuously, attracting a large portion of the World population to persuade mobile business. The need for mobile entertainment is on the rise. We can see so many people frequently use mobile phone for casual gaming on public transport, the games have addicted them to stick with the gadgets…

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